“My top things to do here? Where do I start?”

As a long-time Washington resident, Moss Landing sales broker Kendra Lobos has experienced just about everything there is to do along this beautiful stretch of the inner banks. We asked her to share some of her favorite activities for people coming to visit – or to stay.

Around the town

“No question, my top to-do here is to grab a friend and walk the waterfront through downtown and the historic district, just do a big loop. Whether you’re with a friend or plug in your favorite playlist or podcast, get out and walk, enjoy the beauty around Washington and get a little exercise. Totally one of my top favorite things to do.”

Downtown sites:

Stewart Parkway/Boardwalk
NC Estuarium
Turnage Theater

Out to eat

“Secondly, I love to go out for dinner downtown on a Friday night after a busy week. Date night with the hubby eating at the bar somewhere is a treat! We have a variety of unique dining experiences, depending on your mood. You can stop by a food truck, you can have fine dining, you can have a sports bar scene. Definitely, go out on the town and enjoy a nice dinner with friends and family”

A few restaurants:

What’s in store

“Just between you and me, I like to drop in the shops on Main & Market Streets to see what’s new, hunt for an unusual antique curio or find that special gift for a friend. The Harbor District Market is also a must stop on the weekends for all things local!”

Some places to shop:

On the water

“Of course, there’s the river: You have to get out on the water, right? So many options. I mentioned my husband loves to fish. There’s boat rides, paddleboards, kayaking. Multiple venues rent these, so there’s definitely access to the river and you know some say the best boat is a friend’s boat. It’s not hard to find a friend in Washington 😀”

River resources:

Looking for a few more recommendations? Check out Our State magazine’s suggestions for A Weekend in Washington. And when you’re ready to visit and tour Moss Landing, let Kendra help plan your itinerary.