All about Washington,
as only a local knows.

Meet Kendra Lobos – the newest member of Beacon Street’s team and an (almost) lifelong resident of Washington, NC.

“I grew up here and went to high school here – Go Pam Pack! Like many of my friends, I went off to college, started a career, and then came back in 2000 when my husband, who loves to fish, reeled me back home.”

“I tell people coming from out of state: You’ve heard of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, right? Washington is on the inner banks, on the Pamlico and Tar rivers. It’s a lovely small town that has a beautiful waterfront, and great walkability. What’s hard to convey for someone who’s never lived here are the people, the magic of the community and the deep connections you make in Washington that make it irresistible. It’s the little things that are hard to describe.”

“My top things to do here?
Where do I start?”

Get a peek at Kendra’s Washington must-dos.

Seeing is believing.

Kendra actually became a member of the Moss Landing community before she came to work with Beacon Street.

“For me, the process was fun. Talk about boots on the ground as a potential buyer; we walked around every lot. And that really helps me now as a sales broker, having been through the whole process. I really enjoy exploring on foot alongside those considering Moss Landing – which is a big part of the process. Come to Washington and visit the community. Walk through the model home, have lunch downtown, watch the sunset where the private marina is being built.”

“I know building a home is not an easy decision. I had all the thoughts in the back of my head that everyone else has. So my advice is – what is that saying, that the only wrong question is the one you don’t ask? I welcome any and all questions. I want to hear someone’s heart and work with them at every step. It may not be the right fit for everybody. That’s fine. It’s worth the journey to help someone figure out what’s right for them.”

And right now,
there’s a lot to see.

“This is a great time to visit. The saws are buzzing and the excitement is building from the ground up, literally. We’re nearing completion of the first home in this new phase of the neighborhood, the foundation walls are up on the second, and two others have broken ground. And there are three more set to start. The momentum is definitely building.”


A rare bird:
The Osprey.

Kendra also shared her excitement about the newest home plan available at Moss Landing.

“Downstairs, the Osprey has a large living room that looks out over the water. What I also love is the additional living area upstairs; we call it the River Room. So you get to take advantage of water views from multiple living spaces. It offers a lot of flexibility, depending on what your needs are. And that’s really optimal when you’re building a home.”