It’s the neighbors that make a neighborhood.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a gathering of Moss Landing residents at Pitt Street Brewing Company—just down the road (or up the river). It was a great reminder that everything we did as part of Moss Landing phase 1, and everything that’s underway in phase 2, is all about creating a backdrop that allows neighbors to connect to the people and places around them.

And the houses, too.

Speaking of phase 2, we’re pleased to share that nearly half of our 48 homesites have been sold, and some of the new residents are planning on starting construction in the next few weeks. In fact, we’re just putting the finishing touches on The Banks, our newest home plan, and another is already underway—take a look.

A place people want to live.

If you’re like us, you’ve been watching the news over the past few months and wondering what’s in store. No one has a crystal ball, but the recent sales we mentioned, and the conversations we’ve been having continue to remind us that Washington, NC, is a place that people are, and will continue to be, drawn to. With new stores and restaurants opening, and new people moving to town, Washington is as alive and vibrant as it can be.

All of that comes together quite serendipitously in the story of the Ryans—new residents who moved to Moss Landing and immediately made it their mission to open a bookstore downtown.

See for yourself.

Looking for more reasons to visit? Come get a taste of the new farm-to-table restaurant Blu, have a drink with a view at Mulberry House, and spend the night in the latest area lodging, The ELL Hotel on Main. And of course feel free to stop by and say hello.