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Newly constructed luxury condos at The George were,
quite literally, made for downtown Durham.

At Beacon Street, our entire focus is on seeking out the
most authentic and most livable neighborhoods in The
Triangle—and throughout the Carolinas—and weaving
worthy new residences into the mix. Which makes each
of our communities site-specific, locally inspired
and intentionally connected to their immediate

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The vision for The George condominiums grew out of our
desire to enhance an already special part of Durham. The
neighborhood, with all its activity, individuality and energy,
speaks for itself (hear some of what it has to say). Our most
important task, then, is ensuring that the one-of-a-kind
location we’ve been entrusted with becomes the home of
residences that do the area proud, while being a good
neighbor that fits comfortably into the existing surroundings.

We’ve assembled a team of designers, architects, historians and other specialists to turn that vision into a reality.
A team, we don’t mind saying, of all-stars.

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Founder and principal Bryson Powell is a Durham resident who takes an innovative and thoughtful approach to every project, finding creative ways to bring to life transformative projects that enhance local economies and positively impact people’s lives—both the people who live in them and the people who live around them.

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As heads of the architecture team working on The George, Ellen Weinstein and Mike Cincala lead off our design efforts. Their goal is to create architecture that makes a difference, comforts and inspires, and leaves the community a better and lasting place.

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Courtney James, Mary Rae Hunter, Jarin Frederick are recognized experts—a triple threat of urban-living heavy hitters who are equally as invested in the Bull City and the local community as they are in helping their clients find the perfect homes.

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Judy Pickett has decades of experience bringing creative design to life. Her eye for detail, and innate ability to understand and interpret the design sense of each client, make her the perfect partner to help residents of The Wade truly make their spaces their own.

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As general contractor, LeChase brings more than two decades of experience in the Durham area, with a focus on developing both strong partnerships and successful projects that enhance the local community.

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Find out more about Beacon Street.

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