“I could design every unit and have them all look unique. That’s exciting.”

  • Judy Pickett and team at Design Lines Signature Studio

As we prepare to break ground on The George, it’s a good time to introduce you to some of the people who’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. Up first: Judy Pickett, founder of Design Lines Signature and The George’s interior design partner.

Getting a head start.

With this kind of early collaboration, I’ve had the opportunity to be really involved not just with finishes but also with the space planning. We were able to think about the small but important details: Where is the laundry room? What does this flex space need—an extra closet? An office? It adds this great extra dimension to the homes.

The light-bulb moment.

Having worked with Beacon Street on The Wade, I appreciate their attention to detail. And once I really got their vision for The George, the light bulb went off. The idea is to create authenticity in and throughout the space. It’s this wonderful mix of the familiar and the more classic. Being in Durham, in this particular place, has informed everything we’re doing.

To each their own.

When it comes to what’s behind that corridor door, when you enter your home, it could be totally different. It could be uber-contemporary, or 18th-century. Everyone is coming with a certain aesthetic. There’s so much variation in the options we’re offering—which is really about allowing homeowners to choose.

Working together.

What I’m really looking forward to is helping people make those decisions—which can bring its own challenges, of course. So we make it a straightforward, step-by-step process: Do you want this type of cabinet? Do you like this countertop? I try to understand where they’re coming from, what they’ll be bringing, how that’s going to interface with these selections we’re making. So it’s organized, it’s flexible, it’s even enjoyable.

Let’s get practical.

When you’re moving, it can feel like figuring out how you fit this round peg into a square hole. You don’t want to end up with a storage unit you never go into, and you can’t bring everything you have with you. The best advice I can give is: Don’t wait. Go through everything beforehand. You can’t keep everything, but if you give yourself time you can find a good home for items that still have some life in them.

A voice of experience.

I recently went through a move like this myself. One thing that helped a lot is not thinking you’ve got to do everything at once. Just say, okay, this week, I can tackle the linen closet. Give yourself incremental, doable projects.

Keeping things in perspective.

Just go into the process knowing that at the end of the day, you’re going to have a beautiful home that gracefully interweaves your favorite pieces into your new space, and let that be the thing you’re always focused on. And that there’s a whole team of people who’ll be there with you throughout the process. You’re in good hands.

All new residents of The George will have the opportunity to draw on Judy’s experience and advice, during a complimentary fixture and detail selection session.